How to move rhythm dot with note?

I’m trying to tweak the position of 2 notes in the same rhythmic position, but it seems like the rhythmic dot can’t be moved and it doesn’t seem to adjust automatically.
I’d like the down stem note to be on the right, and I can move the note, but the dot is being left behind. This is what I’m getting. How do I move the dot? Am I doing something wrong?
Or is there a better way to do this? I saw a screenshot somewhere showing a voice index property option, but I don’t see that in the properties panel.
Thanks in advance!

Yes, Voice column index is what you want. It shows only in Engrave mode.

I checked in Engrave mode and tried selecting both notes sparately, but I’m not seeing voice column index. Do I have to have some other menu or something selected?

I found this, but scrolling through the properties panel, it’s not there. What am I missing? Very puzzling…

One has to select the note head (not the stem, which is what is usually selected when one tries to choose a note in Engrave mode) in order to pull up the note properties with the Voice Column Index in them.

I don’t see it… :thinking:

Not sure what to say.

(I take it you are using the latest version of Dorico.)

tsharli: In your video at 0:18 !!! (See screenshot)

Also to personalize the position of the dot you can use “Rythm dot X” and “Rythm dot consolidation” properties in the same dialogue… :wink: For the latter, check the little blue slider but uncheck the white square,

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Sigh. I figured it was me. I was looking for a section like “voices” or something.
Thanks all!

I tried to play with your example: after you adjust the position of the dot for the upper note as suggested in my previous post, maybe you have to adjust the bracket for the lower note (in the property Section “Bracketed Noteheads” after selecting the out of place bracket).

But I think the fastest way in your example, before attempting all the above adjustings, is just to flip the stems with “F” and no other properties corrections needed.