How to move split points together multipletracks?

Hi everyone. I ´ve searching for a way of doing this, since it´s very important for my workflow.
Most times i do record acoustic instruments using multiple microphones so i need to edit them together.
Is there a way when you split at certain points and being able to move those split points together on various tracks ?
I leave a short GIF representing an example of what i am trying to achieve.
I tried using track grouping , shift + alt , ctrl drag , alt +drag, etc . none seems to be able to do this.

To do this :

Interested in the answer too. This should work by default when selecting multiple tracks, with no need for grouping or “assign common length” modifier etc.

That’s what i thought. Lets see if someone comes with a nice explanation or workaround, since i cant figure out how to do it. eheh.

I have the answer, if the files are inside a folder and group editing is active, its possible to edit like this.
Always learning.

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