How to name tracks?


I’m not sure what Cubase uses for the name of track ‘blocks’. I’ve looked high and low and it used to be when you named the track, then double clicked in a looped area to create an audio/MIDI event, that event would be named.

Also, each track event is remaining the same colour when I would prefer them to automatically change colours.

All of this is making it rather annoying for arranging.

Suddenly this doesn’t seem to be the case with Cubase 8 Pro? Can these features be turned on? Where is it buried? What am I missing? Right now I have a bunch of tracks that have names, but the events in the arrangement view are all missing names.


For the name of the “blocks” (events), Cubase uses the name of the track, where was the event created originaly. Even if you move the event later on, the name is taken with. You can rename it in the Info Line, of Course.

If you want to set different color for the new track automatically, you could set this in Preferences > Event Display > Tracks. Change Auto Track Color Mode from “Use Default Track Color” (which is the default settings) to “Use Previous Track Color +1” settings. This will create a “rainbow”. Or, you can set it to “Use Random Track Color”.

Hi Martin,

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case. See the attached screenshot.
Cubase Project.jpg


Dou you mean the fact, there is no name disaplyed? This is because of Zoom level. If you Zoom Out Horizontaly to specific level, the name of events is hidden. But if you Zoom In, these names appear back.

I’m a seasoned Cubase user and have been using it since 1994. I’m clearly missing something because the tracks in the 8 bar loop are NOT named and it doesn’t matter what level of zoom I’m at. I can’t figure out how to name them.

Does this make sense? I want the actual events in the loop to be named the same as the track itself.

So for example, I have Kick 1 - I want it to be labelled Kick 1 when I double click within the loop points to actually create the data that goes into that track.

This is driving me nuts! I’m frustrated just by how much has been moved around in Cubase. :frowning:

After entering the name in/on the track header, press “shift + enter”.

There is the pref: Event Display>Show Event Names

and another pref: Editing>Parts get Track Names

Did you have a look at those?

I just made the discovery that this is toggled ‘off’ by default. How dumb! It’s not exactly obvious what it’s referring to, but I went to Event Display>Checked ‘Show Event Names’. I then made sure that ‘Smallest Track Height To Show Data’ and ‘Smallest Track Height to Show Name’ were both selected as minimal.

Why these were seemingly toggled off by default is beyond me? Regardless it was annoying that I had to toggle these to ‘on’ and go digging for them when it’s been on in previous versions of Cubase that I’ve used.