How to navigate Cubasis

I have the full feature set of Cubasis LE.

I have several questions of operating the app. I am trying to use Cubasis to play sequences on my Roland Juno DS.

  1. Using the iPad Pro, with the most current iOS, is Cubasis bi-directional through the lightning/usb cable? I want to use existing MIDI files I have to play the Roland synth sounds on the Juno DS.

  2. Is there a tutorial showing how to play imported MIDI files? I have been able to import files from Dropbox into the MIDI tab in the Media section. However, I can only get it to play one song. It keeps playing the song even after I have deleted it from “My MIDI Files”.

  3. How can you close an open MIDI file so you can play another file in the list?

  4. Is the re a way to route all MIDI through the Juno, without having to route each individual track in each song?

If these questions can be answered, I thing I can get the app to work with the Juno.

Thanks for your patience.

Is there anyone out there who can answer any of these questions? There is no company support for Cubasis other than on this forum. I’m willing to spend the money for your product, but I’m not going to waste my money if nobody can provide support.


Hi Steve,

I’ve already reported to your previous message, so I was assuming you wanted to have additional feedback from the community.

Here is a tutorial of our good friend John Walden (Music App Blog), how to work with MIDI files in Cubasis:

Given a decent connection between the iPad and your external keyboard, it is possible to route MIDI tracks individually to be played back by your keyboard.

For more details, please have a look at the Inspector/Routing chapter of the Cubasis in-app help. Please note that the external keyboard in use has to be set appropriate (e.g. Local Off etc.) in order to properly play back the MIDI events coming from Cubasis.

As mentioned earlier, we’re not equipped with a Juno to test it, or give you further instructions how to setup the keyboard.
However we’re at hand to provide Roland with a Cubasis promo code, to allow them further checks.

Hope this helps!


Lars, I checked out the link you sent me thank you. I’ve also looked through the help file in the app. I still can’t figure out how to close one project and open another. I can import MIDI files, and load them, but when I want to go to another, I can’t close the one I was just working on. If I simply open a second file, it just loads at the bottom of the one already open. How can I close the first and open the second?

Thanks again for your help.

Hi sjudlick,

These are the steps to load imported MIDI files into Cubasis…

1 - Go to Media/Projects
2 - Double tap Create New Project (Template)
3 - Open MIDI folder in MediaBay
4 - Double tap the MIDI file to be imported/loaded

Once done, you have created a Cubasis project from your imported MIDI file.
Repeat all steps above, to do the same with additional MIDI files.

To reload these projects, simply go to Media/Projects and double tap the appropriate project file.