How to navigate directly to a specific track

To navigate the timeline, I’ve programmed my Number Pad (.) to “Input Position” so I can just type in a measure and enter to instantly go there. What I’d like to do is set up the same thing but with track numbers. Is this possible?

Like PT’s scroll to track? No

I tried to make a down and dirty PLE of this and it kinda sorta works. But there are many pre-req’s that need to be in place. tracks named a certain way etc etc etc

Short answer is no

Thanks for always having the answer Kid. Unfortunately, I don’t like your answer this time :slight_smile: Maybe this would be a good feature: “Go To Track #” Or can you think of a better way? I don’t use pro tools so I’m not familiar with Scroll To Track.

PT has a feature where you can turn visable track numbers on or off… when on, you can hit the key command followed by the number of the track you want and it will scroll right too it vertically.

Maybe we’ll get it. Protools 10 just came out today and it has basically added everything that makes nuendo cool. Hopefully Nuendo 6 will have some of the things we want without breaking the things we like lol.

Well, hopefully there will be some good additions/bug fixes in Cubase 6.5 which I know they’re trying to get finished by NAMM. I hope they’ll also get rid of NEK and the leapfrogging soon as well. I’ll post this feature for reserve.

There does indeed appear to be no quick way to do this, sadly.
Fastest I have found is to open the channel editor, and use the drop-downlist from there to get to specific tracks.
“Choose Edit Channel” to the left of track number in the channel editor)
Takes a couple of clicks with the mouse though, and I cannot see a way of using a KC for this.
If only!