How to navigate to specific flow in Write mode?

I am an independent music publisher looking to switch from Sibelius to Dorico; flows in particular are a potential game-changer, particularly for books with lots of short pieces.

Two questions:

  1. How do I quickly navigate to a specific flow in Write mode? At the moment, I’m forced to scroll-and-hunt (not great if there are 50+ flows!)

  2. How do I tell which flow is which when I’m in Galley mode? (There are no titles visible in Galley mode?)

With thanks

Philip Johnston

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I’m afraid that you’re quite right about both of these issues at the moment, Philip. You can’t easily navigate from flow to flow just yet, though I hope we will be able to do that soon, and it would also be very useful to show the name of each flow in galley view somewhere.

Just found a workaround for both issues:

1) To navigate to a specific flow
(a) Create a layout that only includes your first flow.
(b) Rename the layout to match the flow’s name.
© Lather, rinse and repeat for all remaining flows.

The layouts dropdown in the top centre of screen will now let you jump to any flow you need.

(I know, I know…the whole idea in Dorico is that layouts and flows should be independent of each other, but this is a workaround…)

2) To ID which flow you’re working on while in Galley view
The window title bar actually shows you: “Flow N in PROJECTNAME”. Subtle, but present.

What would be even nicer for busy copyists with short deadlines :slight_smile:
Flow navigator: click any flow title to jump straight there. Perfect for projects with lots of flows.
Bookmark navigator: User can create and name their own bookmarks anywhere. In the navigator, click on bookmark’s name to zero in on the flow, the measure and the instrument where the bookmark was placed. Perfect for finding needles in big project haystacks; bookmarks do not print or export as graphics.

That said, the more I work with what’s already there, the more impressed I am. Very happy Sib user since Sib 2; I need a very, very good reason to defect…you’ve built one.

I like the idea of a Flow Navigator. I am working on my first project with many flows and can see the value a Flow Navigator would provide both for moving from flow to flow and to check the names of former flows before naming a new one.

I agree - I would like to see the flow title in Galley View, remaining frozen at top of screen when scrolling. Also to navigate swiftly to another flow.

It would be good to be able to select-all (and filter) in every flow too.

Boys and girls, Cmd/Ctrl-G has existed since Dorico v1.2. Try it :wink:


So it does.

Nice! I still feel like some kind of visual side bar / select dropdown will be good.