how to normalize all track heights in arranger??

Hey, I have the most annoying problem in some projects that I don’t know how to fix.

So many tracks get the heights messed up, some get small and some get large. I thought that I once seen a way to normalize all track heights but I cannot find it anymore, or possibly never saw it at all.

Can someone please fill me in?


Hi Beerbong

It’s a key command, set tracks to ? rows can’t remeber under which group i think it may be zoom settings.

Best Regards


On Mac, hold Command while adjusting a track height.

Or use the vertical zoom preset button, below the vertical scroll bar.

or ALT and adjust track height on Windows.

And when that doesn’t work try Ctrl :wink:

Well, one of those :slight_smile:

Ctrl and then adjust height did it!
thx to all who answered :slight_smile: