How to normalize one or several tracks to -15dB

I have stopped using Adobe Audition for mastering, I do not rent software. So I am looking for a replacement.
I will only use this app a few times a month, to normalize a backing track before adding to my gig performance list. The incoming file may be between -40 and +6, I need each to sound equally loud.
Adobe Audition has a normalizer that you just drag and drop to match volume for one or 50 tracks. I cannot see how to do this consistently and repeatably in WL Elements. Suggestions very welcome, thank you, all I really need is one at a time, if that matters.


As far as I know, WaveLab Elements only has a Peak Level normalizer which is probably not what you want for making songs have the same perceived loudness.

WaveLab Pro has some great Loudness Normalizing options in the Montage and Audio Editor, probably available in the Batch Processor and Watch Folders too but I don’t use the Batch Processor and Watch Folders really myself.

WaveLab Elements has a simplified loudness normalizer.

Great! Is this in the montage only? I don’t really know Elements as well as Pro.

Yes, only for montage.

I see. I guess the thesoundsmith should clarify if if they mean -15 peak, -15 RMS, or -15 LUFS (Integrated, Short-Term Max etc.) so we can best say where to do it using WaveLab Elements.

It seems that WaveLab Pro has more Normalization options directly in the Audio Editor, as well as Batch Processor and Watch Folders, but Elements only has Peak Normalization in the Audio Editor, but more options in the Montage.

Thanks for the replies, folks. Yes, Justin P, i realized after I posted that i needed to clarify that I need normalization to average perceived loudness, not peak - but this is my first post here and I could not access it till it was vetted.
PG mentioned a montage limiter that looks like it can do the job. I will check it out, thanks.

Yes, create a montage in Wavelab Elements and then you can normalize the song to a certain loudness. Elements has some limitations from WaveLab Pro that I’m not completely aware of but for example, in WaveLab Pro you could do this a little faster using the Batch Processor or right in the Audio Editor, or also with Watch Folders but a montage session in Wavelab Elements should get the job done.

Thanks for the ideas. I have found it almost as fast to simply us Global Analysis to get the current loudness and just adjust in Gain to get to -15.
Two quick steps, three if the pan is off. Because of the sources, I don’t usually get slamming peaks