How to notate stacked chords?

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I’m wondering how to notate stacked chords with the chords symbols tool. The term ‘slash chords’ is often used for this, but there are different ideas about what that means. I’m interested in different triads stacked on top of each other. i.e. D/C meaning a D triad stacked on top of a C triad, as opposed to D with C in the bass. (So different triadic sonorities is maintained in different parts of the ensemble).

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Use the pipe (|) character in the popover:

C/G for C with G bass; C|G for C stacked on G


Hi @Joshua_Stamper,
From you topic I understand that you would like to create chord symbols above the staff and
and slashes on the staff that only represent the rhythm. Am I right?
Something like this one:

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Thanks so much for the speedy replies, @Thurisaz and @Pietzcker,

Thurisaz, appreciate the suggestion. My question didn’t actually have to do with how to create slash rhythms, more how to represent certain types of harmony. I’m glad Dorico can do what you suggested though! Very helpful.

Pietzcker, thank you. The pipe solution is what I needed. I also discovered that in the chord symbols dialogue you can alter the visual representation of compound chords (diagonal, stacked, or linear), which is useful. I went with ‘stacked’, so the chord looks like a fraction.

Thanks again to you both!

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