How to notate this type of piano arpeggio?

What’s the best way to notate this kind of piano arpeggio? I don’t want a simple arpeggio line. I’m not sure what to search for in the documentation.

Screenshot 2022-12-17 at 10.29.19 PM

Enter the grace notes and the main notes
Select the grace note beam, open the Properties panel and choose the property to put the grace notes before the barline.
While they are still selected, tie them (press T).
You will probably need to go into Engrave mode to flip the direction of the ties.

Note that there is one problem that you might encounter with grace notes before barline : if another instrument happens to have some grace notes too, say, an accacciatura, it will show before the barline too, because Dorico does not know yet how to have both grace notes before and after the barline. Hopefully this will be solved when it reaches the top of the priority pile.

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A local override for grace-before or grace-after would be a nice switch to have!

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