How to notate tremolo + glissando?

This is roughly what I want to notate - chord tremolo + glissando.

That’s what I have so far for the tremolo:

However, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to add the glissando notation. From the MIDI, it looks like it starts on beat 4 more or less, but I couldn’t figure out how to condense the tremollo to be only 3 beats. It seems like I can do 2 beats (1 + 1) or 4 beats (2 + 2) but how do I do 3 beats?

If there is is any other, more accurate / common way of notating this, I would love to know.

You can write three beats. For this you will need to engage force duration on in order to input dotted quarter notes ONLY (no ties allowed, as per 5.0.20— it’s something I requested back in 2017 so it really must be hard to implement and the force duration route works flawlessly) and then shift-R, 32, enter.