How to nudge in Cubase 8


I sometimes want to shift the position of certain drums in a track to be late or early. I use to call this nudge, but I think the Cubase term are something else?
If I want to nudge to snare 2 or 3 ticks early how can I do that?

Is there no ‘nudge’ folder in the KC panel?

Make sure the info bar is displayed

Select your notes and use scroll wheel on start point in the info bar


If I am not mistaken didn’t Cubase once have a feature called:
‘The Kicker(s)’ for something similar?

I seem to remember that the toolbar icons were pictures of 2 lil boots
used to nudge MIDI events either one direction or the other in the timeline.


I think if you swithch snapping to “Grid Relative”
Then set the quantize value to required resolution
Select the part/event
Hold down CTRL and the Nudge left & right with the < > left right
arrow keys

Works for me



Yeah, there’s Nudge.

For me, it’s CMD+ arrow keys.

It will nudge by the grid setting.

For doing just a few ticks, just select the notes, with Snap disabled, and mouse-wheel up or down.

You’ve also got Track Delay on each track.

The Kicky-Boot you’re thinking of was in Wavelab (and it was the ugliest icon in creation since AOL )

Is there Track Delay for Group Channels Enjneer? Sure would be useful!

A group track is just a bus, can’t imagine that would ever happen.
Anyway the Nudge Palette is here.
Skærmbillede 2015-01-24 18.00.28.jpg

Yes, I ask because I like to use Track Delay on Drum Overheads and rather than manually adjusting the Track Delay on each Audio Channel, it would be great to be able to do it with the Group channel.

The Kicky boot was also in Cubase, but it was a long long time ago. It used to be in the toolsbar along with the scissors and glue.

Yeah, there have been times where I wished I had delay on groups. But, since they are really just busses, it’s reassuring to know that they can’t be delayed actually.

You got two options: select both tracks and just hold the Q-Link modifier while adjusting Track Delay, or; use a plugin to delay the signal in the Group’s inserts.

Q-Link Modifier it is then!

Thank you

i just set this up how funny.

modify a logical editor preset all ready there.! from the menu

“Parts + Events”
“Shift selected events by 2 frames”
change it to 0.1 at the bottom and PPQ create one as add & one as subtract & save them separately…

make the amounts for each to selected events '0.001 or how ever many zeros it is.

You can set it to PPQ, seconds, samples or frames.
mine is at 1 PPQ so i can nudge in the smallest increments .

I set 2 Key Commands, one to go backwards and forwards… I used (alt Left)Back & (Alt Right) Forward.

Thanks for all your answers. I will put it to test right away!

From the 1996 Getting Started, and Getting into the Details printed manuals…

That’s what I remember!

but for me i was back in ‘93.
Either Cubase 2.5 or 2.8.

nick galea

Great idea!

I always find the nudge function next to useless because you have to set up the quantise value, set snap to quantise , then nudge. What’s needed is a just a slight nudge that’s available on a KC all the time. I will be setting up a similar macro shortly.

was very easy I wish i did it along time ago… so quick now :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I was looking for the exact same thing as discussed above, using Cubase Artist at the moment.
I know the Logical Editor is available in Pro only, however I do see (and can use) a preset function “MIDI > Logical Presets > standard set 1 > push back - 4” which moves the selected event to the left by 4 ticks.

My question is: How do I assign this preset function to a key command/macro? I’m new to Cubase, so i’m not sure whether it’s simply not possible in Artist or i am missing something.