How to off microphone monitoring ?

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When microphone is “on” and conected to steinberg ur242 I hear all the sounds from microphone by default. How can I off microphone monitoring ? I mean how not to hear myself from the speakers (monitors)?

Each track has a “Monitor” function. The button is in the track inspector section and looks like a speaker. You enable the applicable track monitor function to hear yourself during recording. You disable that track monitor function to hear it during playback.

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Thanks for answer, but it’s a little different. I mean how to disable “monitoring” in windows ? I choose steinberg as primary device for recording, and the check box “listen from this device” is empty in properties, but I still hear myself.

What are your Input and Output buses set up as in the VST connections menu?

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It’s usually recommended to use your computer’s built in sound card for system sounds (windows default playback and recording device) and use the UR for Cubase or whatever music applications you’re using.

If you really need to use it as default recording device, you can try to mute the input channels in the DSPMIx app.