How to open a C6 project in CP8?

Hi, I’m presumably missing something “new” but how on earth do I open a project that was last used in C6.5 into CP8,

when I open CP8 all i get is that stupid floating menu bar, so I clicked on the C6 project and to my surprise C6 started to open…wha!!

what anm doing wrong and why is it like this? i do hope it’s down to my own ignorance but never had a problem opening old projects with new Cubase’s before

help please…thanks, Kevin

ok…figured it out, I gotta right click on the cpr file (never had to do this before) and I get a choice of C6 or CP8…wonder why there is no C7 there…anyway I reckon I’m realising that I aint got the patience to upgrade…just seems to bugger everything up!!


If you double click a file in windows it uses Windows file associations to know what program to open it with. You can edit this to only use C8 if you like. Or you can open C8 and then use the file menu on the floating bar to open the project.

thanks grim,