How to open a support request to Steinberg

Hello to all

Can anyone describe here a CLEAR step by step process to open a support ticket to Steinberg?

I m still messed up of how to do it.

Thank you in advance

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Login to your mySteinberg Account and click on Support

Click on Create Support request and fill in the form


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  1. Go to your Steinberg account and login:

  2. Go to ‘Support’ on the side bar

  3. Then create support request.

Edit: Sorry, @JuergenP posted same time! :slight_smile:


Hello to all,

Thank you for your quick responses

I do the same procedure as you mentioned

1st screen is like this

It opens a new window as follows (No create support request button)

Then, selecting the Steinberg distributors goes to the following screen

Any ideas??

Thank you in advance

There is a phone number for Yamaha on the distributor webpage

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Thank you for your reply.
Actually I wonder if there is a global help center, support ticketing online platform , just like NI or Arturia has, which is so easy to open a support ticket.
Distributor in Greece is not accepting support tickets as far as I know

Thank you anyway

Any other ideas?

Dear all,

To describe my problem …

I have formatted my laptop and i proceeded to a clear installation of Cubase 12 Pro.
I also use a Steinberg UR44C card.
I activated Steinberg Plus in my previous installation. But after format of the laptop, i cant activate Steinberg Plus, because it says that the product activation key is already activated. And i need to request a new activation key.

Thats why i need to open a support ticket.

Thank you

The software for the UR44C still requires the eLicenser and your activation code is a one time code. After registration of that code it is no longer working.

If you have a USB eLicenser you should be fine by just plugin in the USB stick. If you had a Soft eLicenser you need to go through the reactivation process.

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Thank you JuergenP for your suggestion.

The problem here is a bit more complicated. Trying to deactivate and reactivate the Steinberg Plus, i deleted it form My Steinberg Licenses list.

On download assistant is appeared on my products, but it cant be activated because its missing from elicenser.

I m facing the same problem with Amped Electra license, which is in my Products Download but cant activate it

Any other ideas?

Thank you very much for your time

So you deleted it from your Online Account? So why did you do something like that? Never delete anything that has been activated once and registered with Steinberg.

The product list in the Download Assistant is not related to the activated products. So that doesn’t mean anything.

I guess you need to call Steinberg in Germany and explain what has happened.


Thank you very much for your time…

This is why I asked here for a way to open a support ticket to Steinberg.
To request a new activation code for the products i cant activate. I mentioned before that the products are not in the Download Assistant generally but in My Product Downloads

Just to make clear about that
Do you have any idea of how to open a support ticket about that?

Thank you JuergenP.