How to open ADM file in Cubase 12?


Last year I got myself a full version of DaVinci Desolve and as you might know this software’s audio section has a full Dolby Atmos support. I use it for editing of my videos but in general this program is a Black Magic ;). None the less I managed to create some simple ADM files with it.

Now my question… How the heck do I open those files in Cubase 12?

I tried few times but in 80% of tries Cubase just crashed. When I finally managed to import the file I couldn’t do anything with it. I did check if it is correct file, it was exported as ADM BWF.
What am I missing/doing wrong?
All I could find in the manual was reference to Nuendo but that’s not really helpful.


Presume you have done: File > Import > ADM.

If that is the case, what exactly do you mean by couldn’t do anything with it? Not sure how to help here.

Well. Thing is that I don’t see the ADM option to choose while importing.

The only way I could import it was as Audio File. And like I said, I couldn’t play the file, see the specific track or anything. It was just as one track, like a Bed track.

Oh which version of Cubase is this?

Anyway if you get stuck I’d be happy to import for you and send you back a project with the import done.


It’s the latest 12.0.10 from March 30. 2022

Thanks for the offer but this is just a test thingy with piano jumping from channel to channel. Nothing important.
What I did manage to do is import a ADM file created in Cubase to DaVinci Resolve and it worked.

My worry is that if there is a way to import ADM files into Cubase and my version is bugged then I will have to reinstall the whole thing again… :confused:

I will double check. Give me 5 mins.

You are correct, that option doesn’t exist in C12. I’m not sure of it due to be added. Sorry, I have been using Nuendo mostly lately.

You may find this stream useful (N11) but it won’t help with the import issue I’m afraid.:

Thanks Phil for your help. :slight_smile:
I will watch the stream as I am absorbing as much as I can about mixing in Atmos at the moment. :smiley:
I was thinking about Nuendo but for someone who “produces” my own music from my bedroom the price is a bit too steep. :laughing:

I get you. Maybe keep your eye open for cross grade deals etc.

Good luck. :slight_smile: