How to open ASIO Control Panel with a shortcut?

Hi All

is there a way to open the ASIO Control panel for the currently active Audio Interface via keyboard shortcut or midi remote?

you can do a shortcut to device/settings but not device/settings/settings


I’m not aware of that being possible within Cubase.

You might have more success by creating a Keyboard Shortcut in Windows to open the Program for the Control Panel for the ASIO interface directly.

To trigger it via MIDI, you might have some success with the simple and free MidiKey2Key utility software or something more elaborate like CoyoteMIDI .

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thank you Nico5, that is also something i already thought of and tried, but with no sucess since i was not able to find this dialog box as a specific application that i can trigger

i did try also with a littler helper called asioconfig.exe but also here, there is one additional click necessary to make to open that asio control panel dialog box

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When you have the control panel open you can use its taskbar icon to find the application or its shortcut.


thanks steve, that is a good advice.

though unfortunately not the solution yet, this brings up (in my case) the UA Console application, the ASIO settings are a setting within the UA Console and needs to be accessed through an additional menu if opened manually, but audio apps with the settings buttons are able to access these directly.

would be intersting to see how apps can call this setting from outside, if thats known than perhaps if its possible to make the same call manually too. i already tried my luck with some additional syntaxes in the command line on the ua console withouth any success.

Same with the Steinberg apps, but after you open the driver control panel from within one of the apps, do you not see an icon for it on the Windows taskbar? (that’s how others work)

yes it does, its the same UA Console app that shows up in the taskbar (and taskmanager as well, i also monitored the processes)

Ah… so the UAD driver control panel is a window inside their Console.

Maybe check with their forum?

yes exactly

actually, i brought the topic from there to here as it was a dead end and i was hoping that maybe there is a chance to access this from cubase directly

thanks for all your help and comments, cheers! :wave: