How to open Cubase Studio 5 projects after Cubase Artist 11 upgrade

Just upgraded my Cubase Studio 5 to Artist 11. I have lots of older projects that used 32-bit plugins, that cannot be open in any real sense in Artist 11, because of 64-bit restriction, and I cannot use upgraded USB licencer to run Studio 5 on my 32-bit XP machine, because eLicencer does not recognize Artist 11 licence as valid for Studio 5 and cannot connect to Steinberg’s servers on XP anymore. Is there any solution for this?


Does eLCC recognise the license on Win XP, if you install the old eLCC and you update the License Database?

You can also try to install Cubase Studio 5 (and all 32bit plug-ins) to your current Windows 10 system. Or the latest 32bit Cubase version, which was Cubase 8.5. Maybe, you will be lucky.

On the XP machine, make sure you have installed the last version of the eLicenser Control Center that is available for XP, namely, then update the License Database manually as described here.
(look under “it is still possible to update the license database files (.sld) manually”)

Cubase Studio 5 on Windows XP DID recognize the USB licencer with the licence before the upgrade. Now the Studio 5 licence is gone from the USB licencer and i have only an Artist 11 licence on it. eLicencer on XP cannot connect to Steinberg servers from 2018, despite that everything worked fine before the upgrade. I don’t have 8.5 licence to try.

I do have the latest eLicencer on XP. The problem is that the Artist 11 upgrade removed my Studio 5 licence from USB licencer, which i didn’t know will happen. When we upgraded from Elements 4 to Studio 4, upgrade left the Elements licence alone, and i still have both of these licences.
Will try your suggestion, also will try to install Studio 5 on Win10, but i suspect this will be a waste of time, because my Studio 5 licence is gone. Is an Artist 11 licence supposed to work with Studio 5 anyway?


Of course. You updated your license from Studio 5 to Artist 11, you didn’t buy a new license to have 2 licenses.

The point is, if you update the License database, even the old eLCC application should recognise your Cubase 11 license. And with Cubase Artist 11 license, you are able to start Cubase Studio 5 (or Cubase Artist 8.5).

With Cubase Artist 11 license, you are able to start Cubase Artist 8.5.

Thank you, Martin. Managed to install Cubase 7.5, and the licence works. Will try Mr. Sandman’s suggestion later too though, because i’d rather avoid total reinstallation of all the plugins and settings, if I could get the USB stick to work with Windows XP.

Thank you MrSoundman!! This was the solution i was hoping for. No reinstalls, just working USB licencer.

Good news! Now, I suggest you render the tracks in your Studio 5 projects (at least those tracks that use 32-bit plugins) to audio tracks. That gives you the opportunity to get the projects working in newer Cubase versions without the dependecy on the 32-bit plugins, and over time you’ll hopefully find similar sounds in other, newer synths, and you can just re-route the MIDI tracks to those instead. If no match can be found, at least you have the audio!

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I confirm:
Install elicenser on seven or newer.
Update db.
Copy the catalog file from newer os to xp elicenser folder.
license is recognized, and you can work with all the version untill 7.5.4. on xp32/64.
If you have trouble with the font on 7.5.4 with xp, i have a fix for this.

Also i have made a cutomized version of the 7.5.4 which handle vst from cubase 32bits to cubase 8.x 64bits on 64bits os, and is up to date of what it was possible to achieve with it on xp-32/64. So you can open the cubase 5.x project directly inside.

Much reliable, stable and better audio latency than any newer version and if you don’t need internet features, as well as sampler tracks (didn’t managed to add them completly, it miss a compatible xp gui) it more productive than the newer specially for older cubase user. The areo theme till 8.5 is just unwanted and unfriendlay at all, regarding the poor benefit it provide.

I will be happy to share it to you.
Ps: i’ve not put all cubase 5 plugins so if you need all of them, i will tell you how to add them.

You can have more plugins and internet features as well as possible the sampler gui on seven or newer with the 7.5.4 (up to 11 without gui, and 10.5 with gui).but you will loose all the benefict of xp (C++Gui, No backgroud service, direct audio latency, 32 bit vst compatibility, etc…)

Have a good day,

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Oh, thanks for the info and the offer. But 7.5 is as foreign to me as 11, and requires much more screen space, than my XP currently has. Will try to keep up with the times for now, but good to know that there’s a solution i didn’t know to ask. Regards, Silvestrs


I did the same things as you, and didn’t noticed any screen space requirement between 5.x and 7.x even 6.x.
If you refer to mixer, there is a zoom in/out function in the mixer menu.
(I work with two screen about max 1280*800 res on xp.)

But i do agree, the gui is more frindly on the 5.x and the feature gap is small, if you don’t use several external devices. Beside this it features several analog plugins specially effect ones whose have been abandonned by steinberg whereas there clearly better than the newer ones whose are designed to replace them in certain domain.

I only switched to 7.x because it handle the 64bit system better, and does officialy support 192Khz sampling rate which is the minimun in order to hope fullfill a simple 4 track reel to reel at 7.5ips… (I don’t think i would be ever able to fullfill my 2 track 15ips reel to reel with digital signal however even with the 25Mghz interpolated sampling rate from the Motu…)

I’m happy to see another succesfully 2021 user of cubase on XP registered,
Have a good day,

I’m used to have 2 screens when working in Cubase, so now when i have my old projects moved to a laptop, i just use it to bounce an arrangement or a track when needed. Cannot really do anything on a single screen. The move from my retired desktop was not a straight sailing either, took me more than a week to migrate all the stuff. Bought the Artist licence before Steinberg moves to the online licensing, and thought that i bought myself a serious trouble. But luckily there’s a forum full of people who know all the answers. Thank you everybody!