How to open .fxp?

I am using Cubase 11 elements and I have Halion Sonic SE3. I would like to use some fxp files that I downloaded, so I looked for them in the file browser but the folder they were in said it was empty. I looked this up and quickly learned that I need to open .fxp with Halion. I followed every tutorial that I could find, but it was either for a different version or it didn’t work. The problem is that when I click on load preset and navigate to the correct folder, nothing is inside the folder. I know it’s not empty because I just looked at it. I also read that you can drag and drop directly from finder, but I don’t know where to do that. I tried dragging and dropping to every spot on the plugin, so I don’t think I can do it that way.

TL;DR I can’t see my .fxp files/know how to open them.
If there isn’t actually a way to open them I can download another program that will open them, as long as it is free.

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are you 100% sure that these downloaded presets are for Halion Sonic SE3/Halion6 ?
only “.fxp” didn´t say that, because f.e. Serum, Rop Papen Products, Sylenth1 etc. also use “.fxp”-ending for their presets and they don´t show up after copying them into the HALion-folder (and that´s totally good, not all software disable files which aren´t for their tool)

can you please name them or mayb the product where they were included or the website where you downloaded them?

Hi, so the free versions of Halion don’t allow for importing the old .fxp/.fxb formats, for that you need Halion full version.
Although it doesn’t support .fxp directly I recommend you try Sforzando by Plogue, a free and awesome sampler playback instrument with lots of free stuff available for it…

didn´t said that
but the TE didn´t seem to be more interested in the help of his question, although he was a few hours ago online… :thinking:

I found them somewhere online so they probably aren’t for halion.

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thanks for the info
and I love those descriptions “found somewhere online:smile_cat: