How to open plugins/plugin-chains on multiple clips at once?

in WL6 we are able to open one plugin on multiple selected clips at once. A very important feature.

Now I can’t figure it out how to do so in WL7. If i select multiple clips, the plug-in i add then is only available
on the last selected clip. And it doesnt work with Plaug-In-Chains too.
It’s the main reason we still work with WL6.
Do i miss something?

Thank You,
Enrico Mercaldi

Have the plugin in 1 clip, then use the function “Paste to selected clips”, from the menu in the Plugin Tool window.

Hi, Philippe. Thanks!

But this is very complicated that way. Why don’t keep it as easy as 1.2.3?
It works just perfect in WL 6…selecting the individual tracks and then open the plug-ins on these tracks. Only 2 mouseklicks per plug-in.

Now, in WL7, we have to select one track / open the plug-in on this one track / select the other tracks / deselect the first track / copy the plug-in.
thats 5 mouseklicks.!

We are doing a lot of analogue and digital masterings per week and during the finalizing-stage in Wavelab we have to deal with also a lot of plug-ins 3-4-5 per track.
All this is a very annoying, just time consuming and mouseklick-intensive process now in Wavelab 7…

What about the plug-In Chains? We hoped that with the WL7 update we will get the possibility to open plug-in chains also on selected tracks, to save even more time with Wavelab 7…just for a little more easyer daily studio-routine.

Phillipe, could you please make this plug-in handling easier and faster, or just like it it was before?
And opening plug-In chains on individual, selected tracks would be a huge step forward as a logical consequence
to that individual plug-in-loading handling we allready have/had in WL6!

Finally, just for illustration…lets say, theres a 20 Track compilation or album and you need to open 4 standard plug-Ins on all these tracks. In WL6 thats only 5 mouseklicks, in WL7 thats 20 of them. But with Plug-In Chains on individual tracks it could be only TWO mouseclicks… Thats 20 against 2!!

Thank You,
Enrico Mercaldi
Time Tools Mastering

Yes, I have such request sometimes, hence I should consider this.
But there is a reason why I don’t make this so easy: plugins can take many resources. But I should certainly make it more easy, adding warnings when necessary.

+1 please