How to optimize the performance to avoid the stuck when mixing.

for a 30 to 40 track project, the cubase 10 is get stuck. The sound can not be played back fluently. For a same mixing project in Pro tools, it works smoothly.

May I know whether I need to optimize some of the setup?

Changing to 64bit precision may help depending on what plugins you’re using.

You might have to freeze stuff. You’re working at 96khz which is going to be demanding in your system.

Are you running aggregrate device in Pro Tools too? That can hit your performance.

Based on my observation. The iZotope Family (Ozone, Nectar) can cause the extreme stuck. But the Pro Tools works well and smoothly under the same environment and buffer size.

Some time the Ozone is on a group bus and it is not possible to freeze it.

The iZotope family plugins are typically on a group bus where I can not freeze it. I think either iZotope or Cubase needs to optimize its product. The Pro Tools works smoothly under the same environment.

Have you tried without an aggregate device? Cubase doesn’t officially support it.