How to organise the "folders" of the markers tracks' Locate menu


I would like to organise the “folders” in the menu “Locate” of the Marker tracks. (See pic below)

I don’t understand how those “folders” are organized though.

Is it even possible to organise them ? I found no documentaion about that in the Steinberg web manual.

Thanks a lot :pray:

Hi @Kartoushh

Given the picture, aren’t they ordered by time (first occurrence in the track)?

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Hi, yes they are actually. Thanks for pointing that out. Somehow I got quite confuse with those.

I was expecting we could rearrange the folders but it seemes that a new folder is created whenver the previous one get full so like every 20 markers.

Anyway, thanks!

I never even knew these Folders existed. How do they get created? I have 25 Markers in my Template but no folder structure and I don’t see any mechanism to create them.

Are we using the same version ? I’m using Cubase 12.

In my DAW as I wrote a new folder is created whenever the previous one get full so like after every 20 markers

I copy pasted a bunch of Markers & the Folders appeared - so I must have still been below the initial trigger. You could make a feature request to make them organisable.