How to pan a mono signal ..?

I’ve recorded an acoustic guitar with a mic going direct into my interface > Cubase Artist.

In VST Connections I have set 8 Mono inputs and on the output Stereo L and R.

When I move the Standard Panner (above the Fader) the sound doesn’t move left or right.??

I’m doing something wrong obviously.

What is the solution?!?

Thanks all


Could you share a screenshot of MixConsole and routing, please?


Look at the panner in the mixconsole. You may have chosen the “Bypass Panner” function. Hover your mouse over the panner and on the left you will see button that looks like a clock. Clicking on that button toggles the bypass function.

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Thank you, I hope the images are ok …

The ByPass Panner was off, thank you … the problem remains.


Your soundcard probably isn´t configured correctly.

I’m using RME FireFace UFXII, and can not see any issues of this sort with it …!?


Have you checked that the outputs in the MADIface Mixer are panned hard left and right?

Based on your first screenshot of the CB Mixconsole, it looks like Audio Tracks 1 & 2 will pan as you have them adjusted. The stereo out channel (set to center) does show some panning. So, as mentioned by some above, I would think that something in the RME TotalMix FX software is probably not set correctly and is causing the output to be sent to both sides of the stereo output. That’s where I would concentrate my efforts. Sorry that I am not familiar with that software to assist with troubleshooting it.

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I agree, on Stereo Out, I can see the right signal is louder then the left signal. So from Cubase it’s going out panned.

As far as I can tell from your screen grab (sorry it’s some years since I used RME TotalMix) the AN1 and AN2 Software Playback channels are split (I’ve only ever seen them as one joint stereo channel). Looks like you’ll need to pan them hard left and right for any of your panning in Cubase to work.

If it is the Phones1 channel he / she is monitoring - then definitely!

Russ, svennileni, and luga01 - you were spot on …

Thanks heaps guys … it works now as it should.

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