How to pan an audio clip or part?

How do I click on an individual audio clip in a track and pan just that part not the whole track?

Pan automation on the track. I don’t think there is a way just to pan just a clip. There is clip gain but not panning. Maybe someone who knows Cubase better than I do knows a trick, but i would just duplicate the track with the clip you want to go the other way.


For panning as a creative effect, I would do what Gary suggested. If you want to keep everything in one track, you could automate a plugin with Pan controls instead of the track’s Pan. This makes it easier to keep track of and return to the original Pan value.

The following Cubase plug-ins have Pan controls that could be useful for this:

FX Modulator: Besides the obvious LFO/Envelope stuff that can be done with it, you can also just set Pan (and other parameters) to a static value.
Imager: Set it to 1 Band mode to use it as a regular Pan control.
VST MultiPanner: Only the “X” and “Width” controls are useful in Stereo.

The stock plug-ins support right clicking the parameters to show their Automation Track, including the Bypass button.

You can also use Direct Offline Processing (F7) to quickly apply the plug-ins above to a single Audio Event or range selection. This only works with stereo/multichannel audio files and is best used to correct recording errors.

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