How to pan just effects to the right?

I’m fairly new to Cubase AI. I received a copy with my Yamaha THR10x amp. I’ve recorded a mono guitar track and panned it to the left. I’d like to add effects (reverb, delay), and pan just the effect to the right, with a slight bit of the actual guitar track. Think of the guitar sound from the early Van Halen records. Is this possible?

Can you send the guitar track to an FX channel with the delay and reverb and then pan the audio track left and the FX track right? I honestly don’t know if your version has FX Channels or Croup Channels (which would also work).

Im really new to the program so what you just told is like sewing i dont know what to do.
ill make a screenshot:

You can do what jaslan says: right click anywhere and select add fx track, then go to the actual guitar track you made up and hit ‘‘e’’ and on the right side switch it on and send it to the FX track that you just create - don’t forget to set the volume. Then add FX to the FX track and pan it to the right. When you press play both channels with be playing. One on the left raw, and the FX track on the right with everything that you want to add - delay, reverb.

You can also made an identical channel of the guitar and you can ‘‘play’’ with FX and panning. Keep one raw and the other in process. Maybe it will sound weird due to the identical waves, you have to take care of the phase, hence you can silghtly move one of the by few milli seconds.

Or, you can record another guitar, and have the natural sound and tempo of it, and added any panning or FX to the new one.

Mark Davies