How to pan the sound from the played note ?

Hello all,
I’d like to have, for instance, the note C1 paned to the whole left (L100) C5 panned to R100, and a continuous panning between, progressively from left to right. That would C3 played out on the Center.
My master keyboard is A-500PRO Roland.

I thank you in advance for any help.




It’s not really straightforward, but this is the way I would do:

  1. MIDI Logical Editor:
( Type is | Equal | Note )

Value 2 | Use Value 1 // Value 1 is the pitch, so you will set the CC value to the same value as the Pitch is
Value 1 | set to fixed value | 10 // This will be changed to A#-2; Value 1 = 10 is Pan MIDI CC
Type | Set to fixed value | Controller

Function: Insert

Be aware, you have to follow w the order of the Action Target as it is written here.
→ This will create the MIDI CC10 (Pan) at the Note On position and the MIDI CC10 value will be equal to the Pitch.

  1. In the Controller lane, use the right-centre hotspot (Scale Around Absolute Center) to rescale the curve (you will probably need to rescale and shift and rescale again). Other way could be also following:
  • Shift to whole MIDI CC curve down so that the lowest value is = 0. Just select all MIDI CC nodes, and type the right Value to the Value field. The right value is (the 1st node value - 53); 53 is C1.
  • Use MIDI Logical editor:
(Type is | Equal | Controller | and
MIDI Controller No. | Equal | 10 )

Value 2 | Multiply by | 1.512 // C5 = Pitch 84; 84 * 1.512 ~= 127

Function: Transform

→ This will extend the range from L100 to R100.

  1. MIDI > Functions > Extract MIDI Automation.
    → This will make an Automation track out of the MIDI data.

  2. In the Automation track, select every 2nd node and delete it.
    → This will make the ramp from the steps.

  3. Copy the MIDI Channel - Pan automation. Delete it and paste it to the same track as the standard Panner - Pan Left-Right automation curve.
    → This will change it from MIDI CC to the real channel automation. (Maybe this step is not necessary, you will hear.)

WTF !!! lol
Ok I thank you very much for this answer. I wish it could be more simple actually, and I am afraid I don’t have Logical Editor on the Artist version of C.
But I’ll have a deep look into your answer and try to figure this out .
Thank you again. :slight_smile: