How to pan tracks that are routed to Groups?

Hello everyone,

This one’s been eatin at me today. One for the Cubase users. Using using Cubase 6 with Windows 7.

OK so, say I have two rhythm guitar tracks.

  • I have Guitar1 panned left, Guitar 2 panned right.
  • I want to use a plugin for some effects – the Cubase 6 amp-sim in this case.
  • If I use the effect as an insert on both tracks, all is fine. Tracks remain in stereo on the master output.

However if I try to send both tracks to a Group channel, so I can just ride the one fader for both guitars and save CPU etc, I lose the stereo image – both tracks appear mono in the master output.

What’s your best way around this?

Instead of routing the guitar track’s output to the Group track, I have tried instead using a send from the tracks to the group. This kind of works, kind of. However this still seems very messy as there are various permutations involved in riding the send/return fader in the send track and then riding the Group channel fader that mess with the dry/wet settings and pan setting overall, when all I want to do is adjust the volume of the two tracks with the dry/wet setting constant.

In this situation the group channel fader seems to centre the tracks the higher I raise it, so I end up going back to the two individual tracks anyway to find the necessary volume changes…I also tried toggling the “Send Routing Panners follow Channel Panner” button in the Group channel edit screen but doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Sorry I know it’s a basic question. Have looked at manuals etc, doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of info on it.

Would very much appreciate any feedback. Thanks :slight_smile:

When placed on the group, the plugin is turning your stereo signal into a mono one. Most Amp Sims do that.
It worked before because you had two instances of the plugin, one panned left and one panned right.

Thanks for that Oldfecker. Yes I realise what the issue is but I was more looking for some possible solutions / work-arounds, other than being forced to place the amp sim as an insert effect etc?

Is there a way I can adjust settings to allow the signal retain its stereo image when it’s placed in the group or do I just leave it as an insert effect to retain the stereo image?

Keep your original setup of two tracks… Export the guitars through the master buss as a stereo file …import back into the project… problem solved.
Now you can ride the sum and save even more CPU

I’m not sure I’m understanding your problem.

What exactly is the problem with having a separate insert effect on each channel before routing them to the group channel with the panning preserved?

Putting insert effects on a group channel only makes sense for things like group compression, but not for amp simulation. Also, having the amp simulation as a send effect also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense (usually).