How to part name in Bb or Eb ???

Hello community,

how can i (automatically?) enter a little superscripted flat symbol to the instruments transposition as in Clarinet in Bb or Alto Sax in Eb…?

Maya, you can do this when you edit the part name. You will need to find the glyph and simply copy and paste it.

I should clarify that you can’t do superscript at this point, if I remember correctly. Simply a baseline symbol.

Dear Maya (and Dan)
You can use the U+266D Unicode to insert it — I happen to have discovered that AND memorized it this morning (although I already had done it before, without memorizing !). Quite convenient, actually, since I have to input some characters in Unicode (short unbreakable spaces, short hyphens, those things are necessary for good french typography). Since that symbol is part of the font (Academico here) you can do whatever you want to it…
Hope it helps

Great, the unicode works (if you know how to do it)
For all windows users: I installed a little unicode tool that works pretty nice with entering unicode in almost any application.

I hope this all just a workaround and the guys are working on it, knowing, that we need it.

BTW: Maya is the name of my daughter, so “mayasfinest” should not indicate my name is Maya :wink: just a little funky retrospective