How to partnership to sell a unique expansion in Steinberg website

hello my friend has an idea of a sound library for Gulf rhythms, then another library for oriental rhythms (Egyptian in particular) on the Groove Agent
and he already make a video about that in onedrive link
he very famous in Egypt and he want to sell his libraries or expansions in Steinberg website
how the way ?
and he should contact with any email ?

thank u

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This is a user forum, so its unlikely you can make contact here. You need to find the Steinberg business contact info which is probably on their website. There’s a bunch of links at the bottom of this page.

Good luck

yeah i know…
i didnt find any business contact i tried to search before i wrote here

i know here in the forum some people they have expansion partner with steinberg thats why i wrote here
but i dont know how ? and where the email for business

can u help plz

thank u