how to permanently change the default text setting?

This should be obvious (so apologies). For some reason my default text always comes up as 22 points/bold which is over-the-top large - perhaps I changed it at some point without realizing. However, I’d simply like to default it to something more reasonable like 12 points/non-bold. I’m presuming I change this in Paragraph Styles, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to make this setting permanent/affecting all future scores:

Can someone remind me how I’d do this?

Thanks -

  • D.D.

Click the little circular arrow to revert to the factory setting, then click the star icon to save that as the default.

Ah! That didn’t occur to me because elsewhere in your program I recall you actually say “save as default” so I wasn’t looking for that circular arrow…

  • D.D.

Actually, the circular arrow as well as the star button appeared in version 2. So if you learned with Dorico 1.xx, this might seem surprising :wink:

That may be it for sure. Surprising (admittedly) it’s not consistent throughout Dorico, though (saying “Save as Default” vs. hitting the star, etc.)…

  • D.D.

There are two approaches: icons in dialogs that use an action bar (e.g. Music Symbols, Playing Techniques, Percussion Maps, Notehead Styles, etc.) and buttons in the options dialogs. Those two approaches are consistently applied.