How to pick which Flow to play?

Help! I have a project with 2 flows and I can only get the first one to play!

Even when I have a layout containing only the 2nd flow open in write mode, and even when I’m in play mode and select the 2nd flow from the menu, when I hit play it only plays the first flow! And in play mode when I have the 2nd flow selected in the dropdown menu, hitting play or clicking on the tracks window immediately switches the flow in flow menu to the 1st flow!

I’ve also tried copying my project, and in the copy deleting all but the flows I want to play. No luck: When I hit play, nothing happens, nothing at all. The transport counter doesn’t start.

I’m guessing this is user error (well, at least until I copied into a new project…) but here’s some other stuff that may be bugs:

The graph doesn’t appear to change when I switch between flows using the dropdown menu in play mode (in the original file with all the flows). The 2nd flow is actually identical to the 1st flow except it’s written in 24/16 instead of 4/4 so that I can hear my piece swung, so this might not mean anything.

However, the grid in play mode seems to be counting bars wrong (in both the original project and the one with only the desired flow). This is the 24/16 flow, but in play mode there are 4 ticks per “bar” (additionally, the first bar doesn’t have any vertical dividing lines in the piano roll graph). I put “bar” in quotation marks because while the numbers at the top of the play window are at every 4 ticks in the ruler, the actual notes in the grid are placed correctly, i.e., a dotted 8th note takes up 3 ticks. See my screenshot.

Also, I can’t seem to scroll horizontally in the play window (except for opening the player piano roll, grabbing the piano keyboard and dragging, but only as far as my cursor can go on the screen –- i.e., when I drag left it scrolls until my cursor hits the left edge of the screen, although it actually lets me scroll just a smidge more – which also allows me to drag into negative bar numbers as far as my cursor can go to the right).

Also, changes to the name of a layout don’t seem to persist after Dorico closes (in the multi-flow file).

Please help! Thank you!

If you select a note in the flow you want to play and hit P, do you hear the right flow play then?

The flow selector in Play mode is indeed non-functional, and also there is a bug whereby changes to the name of custom score layouts are not retained when the project is reopened. All of this will get more attention as soon as possible.

Thanks for the tip, Daniel. I think the problem before had to do with playing not only from different flows but from different layouts. I had one layout for each flow, and this time I added the swung flow back to the full score layout, and playing from that part of the project worked correctly.

Now, another question: is there a way to reset the keyswitches without a keyboard? In my string quartet, I’d paused the playback somewhere such that violin I is stuck in staccato and I can’t get it back! Violin II was also staccato and by selecting some other note I got it back to the normal state but I couldn’t get Violin I back until I restarted Dorico.

Can you attach the score here? Or if you don’t want to make it public, send a PM to Daniel or myself so that we can take a look.

In the meantime, if you open the HALion window there is a small lightning icon in the top right that is the ‘panic’ switch which will stop all notes sounding.

I believe I sent this to Daniel a few days ago, to also address the problem of the first bar in the layout being drawn wrong when it’s a rest. I’m sure he’s very busy with all this! I hope he got the email though. Thanks!

Thank you for that clarification Daniel.

I had spent quite a lot of time trying to play the flows, and now I know what to do.