How to pin Stereo Out chanel in Mix Console window?


I moved from Cubase Elements 10,5 to Artist 10,5 and the first thing I noticed is that Stereo Out Chanel is not pinned to the right side of the window.

  1. Why?? I liked it and it was always there in “lower” versions but suddenly in Artist I have to chase it all over the screen when I’m working with more tracks.

  2. How do I pin it to the right side of the window like it was in Elements? I can’t see anything in Layout Setup…
    I work on PC with two monitors.

Every channel has three possible positions in the mix console, Left, Centre or Right.
You choose this from the left hand panel in the mix console. If you put the Stereo out to the right it will be furthest right as you want.

Ahh… Got it. I missed the Zones panel.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: