how to pitch correct with "External Midi Note"

With Cubase Elements 8 , i want to use the “Pitch Correct” VST-Plugin using the “External Midi Note” setting.
So I have an audi track , where I have the “Pitch correct” as an insert effect,
I have a midi track with the notes I want to use.
In “Pitch correct” I have selected the “External Midi Note”
The manual says about “Pitch Correct”: "You have to assign the audio track as the output of your MIDI track "
This is where I got stuck:
I tried to open the Inspector->Track parameters->Output
I would expect, that I can select now the audio channel , where the “Pitch correct” should be controlled by my midi channel.
Instead I only find as the only Output options:
“No VST Instrument”
“Groove Agent”
“HALionSonic SE”
thats it.

So my questions is: where else can i “assign the audio track as the output of my MIDI track” ?


In my Cubase Pro 8.5, there is a new MIDI port created, once I add the Pitch Correct plug-in. The MIDI port is named: name_of_the_Audio_track: Ins. nr. Pitch-Correct MidiIn.
Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 19.54.32.png

ah! thanx a lot. this i don’t see, as you can see in the screenshot attached

looks, as if this is not part of “elements”. ?
quite annoying, that steinberg does not clearly state somewhere which functions are part of which version.
instead the plugin manual says, that “pitch correct” is part of “elements 8” , but does not say that this seems only partly true.

(i just spent 2 hours to figure out where the Groove Agent 4-Acoustic Agent SE is, until i found that:
which is another example , how steinberg messed up the features and the documentation of the different versions of cubase. )

its quite frustrating to read about a feature in the manuals, but be unable to use it, until you at least suspect that this feature is written in the documentation but actually not available in your version of cubase.

that appears not to be very user-friendly, does it ?


Are you sure you added a MIDI track? Isn’t it an Instrument track in your project?

generally speaking if you add a midi controllable “vst” on an audio track you will see it as a selectable device in “midi out” on a MIDI track. set your midi in to your controller(usually a keyboard) and midi out to the midi controllable VST (not VSTi) inserted on yourAUDIO track. dont forget to “record arm” the midi track (the big red button) and yes elements does function like that.


Martin, i’m ashamed, you are totally right!
Thank you very much!
Since I’m new to cubase (just used cubasis up to last week) i didn’t not even suspect , that there could be a difference between a midi track and an instrument track.
and sorry for blaming steinberg. I just was unhappy , because just before i tried the pitch-correkt-midi-external thing, it took me a lot of effort to find out how to make the Groove Agent 4-Acoustic Agent SE work, so that my patience was wearing thin…