How to place and customize on MacroPage the entire GUI of factory midi-modules?

There is a bunch of useful pre-built factory midi-modules like FlexPhaser, MIDI Player or Envelope graph. I’m having issues understanding how to incorporate the whole or partial GUI of these modules into my MacroPage?

Checking the “Init Basic Controls DL” file I see, for example, that Envelope graph participates as template. How this template has been created with such parameters as Triplets, Mode, Loop Start, etc? Is it hard-coded and I cannot modify it, skinning my own graphic for certain elements or discarding some of them?

The same is for the FlexPhraser. I see that several templates (smaller or bigger) have been created for it. But how has it been done? And can I rearrange/customize the elements of factory midi-modules myself?

You can customise these templates as you wish. You can delete parts that you don’t want or need. You should be able to change or swap some of the elements. Change color of the stepmodulator…

But you cannot create these templates from scratch. That’s why they are provided as templates for you to use and modify.

Thanks! How can I find the complete set of factory templates? Are they all in Init Basic Controls DL.vstpreset file?

Just browse the Basic Controls from macro page designer. They should be installed automatically with Halion.