How to: play dynamics for sustaining instruments

There is a known issue currently where a number of non-HSO sustaining instruments (particularly sax and choir sounds) don’t respond to dynamics.

There is a workaround for this which we’ve implemented for the next update, but you can also apply to your own projects right now.

In Play -> Expression Maps Setup, create a new Expression Map called ‘CC11 Dynamics’, add the ‘Natural’ technique and set the Volume Dynamic to ‘Control Change: 11’

Now in the Rack press the gear icon and for any channels that use a sound that isn’t responding to dynamics, set its expression map to ‘CC11 Dynamics’

We are working on support for VST note expression which should give better results for patches that support it, but CC11 should work quite well for a large range of VST plugins.

Running 1.1.10, I’m still getting this issue, but am unable to find the gear icon in the Rack.

I’ve set a string quartet to mp, but when it starts playing the violins/viola, those two instruments play f or ff. I can set each note to a lower volume, but when I playback from a note before they start their part, they’re back to blasting.

You could be running into a known problem where any edits made to dynamics don’t take effect until next time the score is loaded. So try closing and reopening the score to see if that fixes the problem for you.

Reloading makes no difference to volume. In fact, the program crashed when I tried to switch the audio output from Built-in Audio to BoomDevice. I remade the project from scratch, and I still got the same issue. I can’t attach the project here, so if you need it please tell me.

Can you choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file created on your Mac’s desktop to a reply here?

Here we go.
Dorico (315 KB)