How to play from some point in the score?

Hello, everyone
This is very elementary question, but I couldn’t find the answer from the search

May I ask:
How can I start playing from some point I want in the score ?
Thank you

Press P.

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Oh, thank you for your quick answer and help
See you, Ben

to be clear, playback will begin from wherever you have an item or note highlighted.

if your cursor is at measure 200 beat three and a note is highlighted there, playback WILL being from that point.

you can send the cursor wherever you want by pressing the Jump key [j], then either selecting with your mouse “go to” or pressing alt+g, then entering a measure number or a flow.

for example, entering F2 m100 will send it to flow 2, measure 100. (using b for bar will also work)

if nothing is selected in your score, playback will begin from the very beginning. this only works from a freshly opened file. once you have played anything, even with nothing selected, playback will resume from wherever it last stopped.

If an entire measure of one instrument is highlighted, then that instrument will begin to play from that point, but ONLY that instrument (a solo, if you will.)

If a single note is highlighted, then all instruments in your score will begin playback from that point.

And if you select entire measures from multiple instruments, then only those selected instruments will play (for example, highlighting only the strings, or a note in cellos and doublebasses, or flutes and oboes, etc…)

Be forewarned, if your score is condensed, you can NOT select any notes from instruments that are condensed (2 to a staff, or more, for example a single staff with two flute parts.)
To make playback in a condensed score easier, use Galley view instead.

if a bar contains a whole rest, you can safely click on the whole rest and playback for the entire ensemble will begin there.
If you click on a single note that happens to take up an entire measure, then all instruments will also playback, from that point.

only be careful if it you select multiple notes within one measure in one instrument. this will trigger “solo” playback for that staff.

I hope I didn’t forget anything.


Thank you so much, Michel
I mostly understand
And one thing I am not sure is
for me, the function by pressing [j] is not working
For example, I inserted “F1 b7”, nothing happens
what is cursor and when can I see it? (is that the caret on inserting mode?)

maybe nothing happened because flow 1, bar 7 was already on your visible page?

I’m not sure what type of score you were using to do this. if the music is already on the page then you probably won’t see anything happen.

pick a page that is not currently visible to try it out.

I got it
I saw the page moves to there
Then from there, how can I start from there where the new cursor locates
(actually the page moved but I don’t see any cursor on that point I intended)

click on a note or rest in the measure where you want playback to begin.
if you click on a note/rest on beat one, playback will being from beat 1.
if you click on a note/rest on another beat, then playback will begin at that point.

(click on note, but then to actually begin playback, press P)

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Thank you, Michel. See you again