How to play Groove Agent 3 Midi output file in Cubase 6

Dear All,
I’m new in the Midi and Cubase world, and would appreciate if someone could help me on the following topic:
I’ve created a Groove Agent 3 output midi file that I have imported as a Midi track in my Cubase project.
Now, I was expecting Cubase to reproduce the exact same track (with the same sound) as I was playing in Groove Agent 3, but instead I don’t hear anything…
I’ve set on my midi track the midi output to Groove Agent 3, and still, no drum sound is playing played, even though I can see all the midi events… Any idea why ?

I’m using Cubase 6.0.7 on Windows 7 64 bits… and as I’ve read, the Live to Host functionality from Groove Agent 3 doesn’t work on a 64 bits PC, which is why I’m doing this export-import trick…

Many thanks in advance for your help, and apologize if I’m doing something really stupid here…
Kind regards,