How to play iconica playback template on Dorico?

Hi guys I am trying to figure out how to use Iconica SP for Dorico, every time I load it it always pulls up HSO. I watched the tutorial but still nothing is changing, so how do I make an iconica playback template? Thanks

We might need a bit more information about what you’ve tried in order for us to be able to provide any help.

Yes so I bought Iconica SP and I am trying to load it in Dorico to use but it always loads hoo. When I spoke to the Steinberg support they said you have to make a playback template which I did but then no sound comes one. So I was asking how do I create a playback template that will only be set to Iconica and not HSO?

Have you read John’s PDF Instructions, which tell us to reset the HALion PreLoad memory to c. 20,000 (if your have enough on your computer?

John also has a couple of templates for Iconica and Iconica w/ VEP (if one owns VEP) available on the resources section of the Dorico Blog.

(Also make sure to unzip the download folder before dragging the .iso template onto the Hub.)