How to play only a portion of a very complex drum pattern?

I like to make highly detailed drum patterns for electronic music, sometime having dozens of drums (most at very low velocity). In my previous DAW I was able to select just a portion of my drum pattern to hear the interplay between a handful of selected drums. I’m having trouble doing the same in Cubase. Basically I want to know how to play only a small portion of a drum pattern without laboriously going through and muting all the other drums. I’ve tried both the piano roll and the drum map feature and I can’t seem to figure out how to do it.
For example, I wish to play only the highlighted part:

or in the drum map, when I found the solo button I thought I was home free but inexplicably it will only solo one drum, won’t solo multiple highlighted drums, a curious inconsistency with the solo feature elsewhere in Cubase. Here’s what I mean:

Thanks for your help and someone please tell me I’m just overlooking something.
Patrick in Portland

edit: I think it’s just a different workflow than I’m used to. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

I would put each drum on it’s own midi track.

A user on reddit pointed out how to do what I was trying to do (which might be an inefficient way to do it but it’s one that I’m used to)

I think I misunderstood your question first… If you want to solo individual Notes (not all notes of a specific type) you can just select them, cllick EDIT->SELECTION>Invert and then mute, so all initially unselected notes will be muted .