How to Play the Pentatonic Scales Using the Pads or Keys?

How do I only play scales using the pads or keys?

For example, I’d like to be able to play only the notes of the pentatonic minor scale in the chord of A using either the keys or pads.

How can I do this on Cubasis?


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Let me clarify, I’m relatively new to Cubasis and want to be able to select a scale or change settings as-needed so that the keyboard keys on Cubasis only permit me to play notes in a key (my example was A pentatonic, but I might want to play a different scale).


Above your onscreen keyboard you see a small 88key (i think or 66, dont know) keyboard with an octave highlighted… you can slide that ‘highlighted’ part with your finger to the desired octave you want.

You also can pinch zoom in n out on that highlighted selection to the desired amount of keys shown on your (big) keyboard.

Hope this helps…
Btw if the pinch zoom doesnt seem to work, hide the ‘chord’ buttons they tend to be blocking the pinch input sometimes.

Hi @ajc215

Thanks for your message.

The on-board keyboard does not include scale presets or similar.
But it is possible to use third-party keyboards via AU MIDI.

May the following clip from Mobile Music Pro is of help here:

Hope that helps!


Hello Lars,

Such Note filter is the duty of a DAW in our days and should be covered by CUBASIS. At least to color the OK keys. Should be feasible. Again, I dont understand why a top company of the 80s now needs tools from 3rd party to achive what a DAW should be able to do. What happends if I draw in notes?


As CUBASIS doesnt do that I mainly use Rozetta Scaler. Dont forget to hit record to track!
I also have CHORDJAM as they have many free very cool aaps, I use CHORDJAM to analyse the scale of samples.
The big downside of such app is that a borrowed chord will be blocked.