How to playback multiple flows sequentially on the same page.

G’day everyone.

I am working on my first serious piece with Dorico, which is a piano piece.

I need to have many different flows on the same page.

Is there a way so that I can have the flows play back sequentially on the same page (flow 1, flow 2, flow 3) etc, and without any pauses between each flow?

Thank you.


Does Playback options (Cmd+shift+P / ctrl+shift+P) -> Timing -> ‘Gap between flows’ give you what you want?

BRILLIANT andgle!!! THANK you!!

I was also searching for the obvious place where I could set the gaps between flow playback.
Is it possible to do this individually for each flow, or not?

Example: If I have 5 gapless flows in the first mvmvnt,
then a gap between that and the second mvmnt which has 7 gapless flows,
then a gap to the third mvmvnt.

I didn’t see a place where I could specify THAT.
Searching didn’t yield results for me, either (also on Google).

Maybe you could put an invisible tempo change at the end of movements with a long pause - set the tempo to something very slow.

I think the gap between flows is a global thing.

The option I use is an empty flow called SILENCE that I insert between other flows, and hide from the layout. Playback plays all flows - even hidden ones - to account for video (that’s my understanding, anyway).

The downside is that it throws off the flow numbering, if you export to PDF and include the flow number in it.

Another option might be to create an empty rest or measure, and hide it, or use a fermata. I haven’t tried either of those yet.

The time-gap between flows is global.