How to playback VSL SY Prime's Snare?

Everything is working fine with the other instruments (woodwinds, brass, strings) and tuned percussion in my Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 – SY Prime – Dorico 4 setup. But I cannot find out how to playback the snare, tam-tam or any other unpitched instrument of that library. To me it seems the expression maps are missing, but I have way to little experience, so I wonder if there is anybody else out there who can tell me, what I have to do to get a playback of those instuments?

Thank you!

Usually, what you need for these instruments is a percussion map (although coupling it with an expression map has proved useful to create swells). Isn’t there one in your project?

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@MarcLarcher Percussion Map! Of course! I didn’t think of that., but yes, that is the solution. Thank you very, very much for your fast response, very much appreciated!

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