How to predelay a send?

Hi guys,

Looked for the answer, but could not find after 30 minutes. If I set up one reverb fx track, and then send a few instruments to that reverb, how do I add DIFFERENT pre-delays to that one reverb? It’s hard to imagine steinberg doesn’t just simply have a pre-delay timing feature on each send track. It would be easy that way, so we can just set a pre-delay time on the send, and that send starts being heard after the pre-delay value.

Thoughts? Hoping I don’t have to setup tons of reverb FX everywhere. If that’s the case, why don’t I just use insert reverbs on all the tracks, and tweak accordingly?



I don’t find it hard to imagine because I don’t think this is a particularly common requirement. If you want DIFFERENT pre delay on several channels sending to a reverb you will have to set up multiple reverb instances and add the predelay on the FX channel. Or I guess you could set up a complex routing system where you send to a group, insert a delay on that group and then route the group to your reverb. Quite fussy though.

Interesting question. Maybe this would work (sort of tried it, might do what you want…)

For each track:

  • Send to a MonoDelay
  • Open the MonoDelay and set the pre-delay you want, no feedback, mix 100%
  • Send the MonoDelay channel to the reverb, pre-fader, and turn the fader down

At least you’ve only got several delays, instead of several humongous reverbs…

Anyway, just a thought. It was a nice little teaser… :wink:

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@Crotchety, that seems to be a good idea. Will have to experiment. THX Everyone!

Let us know how you get on! :slight_smile:

Just a thought, though not tried. Could you not just duplicate the audio track, change it’s output setting to ‘No Bus’, and still send to an FX track? Using the track delay option on that track? If that actually worked there would be no added FX to do it.

I just tried it and it does work.

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