How To Prepare OSX For Audio/Cubase 6.5 work

Switched from pc to mac and been searching this forum for an answers that I didn’t find but hopping you can clear this for me.
Is there some guidelines to tweak osx for work with audio and cubase like on pc?
I mean like Switch off all screenshots, sleeps, automatic check update, etc. of all applications.
Some more tweak maybe?
Since I new on mac only few month I simply don’t know everything that is running in the background.

The reason I’m asking for this is cause I started a very small project.
VSTi’s FM8,Nepheton and Lush101.
4-6 audio channels and maybe 12-15 vst plugins that was perfectly working on my pc core2duo.
My CPU meter is around 50% and jumping like crazy, latency 256 sample.
Also there a different between cubase meter and lion meter where on cubase it 10-15 percent more.

Also at some point I just picked a plugin ,placed it on all insert slots of a channel and started to duplicated the channel until I reached 80% on cubase meter…but on lion meter I saw 326% and my fan started to spin like crazy.

I’m working on MacBook Pro late 2011 (i7,4gb ram,500gb - 5400rpm) , osx lion, cubase 6.5.3.
RME Babyface.

Thank you very much in advance.

you really dont need to do much to os x as far as optimisation like you do with windows… switch off wireless look in the accounts section of sys prefs and see what is auto loading with your account i disable itunes helper other than that occasionally repair permissions from the disk util app in the utilities folder… it’s pretty good out of the box having said that i’m still on snow leopard haven’t moved to lion… i’m not sure what could be causing your problems though

Aloha p,

HTH (hope this helps)[productfamily]=10


Thanks guys for your help
Gonna try what you suggested cause I never did disk permissions.