How to present 3 instrument parts on single stave

How do I create a single stave part with multiple instruments. I am aiming to recreate the following score, with SATB on individual staves, plus 3 trumpets on a single stave:

I don’t need to extract parts. It is purely and academic exercise.

Do I need to create individual staves for each tpt, and then ‘copy special’ to reduced the parts to a single stave, or can I do this directly onto a single, stave?



The real Dorico way would be to enter three individual trumpet parts, and use condensing to display them on 1 staff.

Or notate every instrument in a separate voice within the stave?

Adopting this approach only condenses the instruments onto 2 staves, not 1. I have toyed with the ‘Condensing’ Notation Options, and created a Custom condensing group in Layout Options without effect.

I also wish to hide empty staves, as per the OP link, but having the tpts condensed overrides this. How do I achieve have both options simultaneously?

You may also need to adjust the options on the Condensing page of Notation Options, depending on the specific characteristics of the music. If you’re having problems achieving this, please attach a small snippet of the music here so we can assist you further.

IMO trying to achieve the notation linked in the OP via condensing is much more trouble than it’s worth. Three voices on one staff will be less work.

I’m not near a Dorico-equipped machine now, to try and reproduce the original myself. The problem may indeed be that the condensing pattern necessarily changes all the time. @Mark_Johnson may be right: notating three voices right away is probably the best option.

Excuse the long delay in replying to all, and thanks for your opinion.

For anyone coming to this thread with a similar inquiry, I elected to copy the 3 voices and “Paste Special → reduce” onto a single staff.

I’m not sure whether this is the most elegant way to present the parts, but it achieves my desired effect

I couldn’t figure out how to write the three voices directly onto a single staff. If this is possible, could someone please offer advise?


Does this help?

When you are in note-entry, you can create a new voice using shift-V or move between existing voices by just V. (The little orange note at the bottom of the caret will change to show you which voice is selected). The next note you enter will be in that chosen voice.

You should turn on View Note and rest colors to make it easier to see which notes are in each voice.