How to preserve output settings in track archives?

Dear all,

over the last years I have collected many libraries and created templates per developer like Orchestral Tools, Spitfire Audio, Vienna Symphonic Library etc. The librarie players (Kontakt, SINE…) are hosted in Vienna Ensemble Pro and I put quite some time in doing all the routing, coloring the tracks and setting everything up.

Sometimes when I work - let’s say - in my Orchestral-Tools-template I want to check how a certain line could be played with another library by a different developer. So I would like to quickly import the tracks for this library with all the outputs, routings etc.

But whenever I import a track archive, the midi tracks are imported but now the outputs. What can I do? I don’t want to have to re-activate all outputs, rename them and re-color them when I have already done this work.

There is a video of Alan Silvestri working with track archives in Cubase and it seems that he manages to do what I can’t. Check the video beginning at 3:45.

He even explicitly mentions the outputs.

So has anyone an idea what he did to achieve this?

Thank you so much!

He is using File>import/export Track archive. Recalling correct outputs on vsti’s, fx send levels and so on, it just works here, also for vsti’s with multiple outputs. There is also an option “import track from project” which might be of interest.

The problem you describe relates to “track presets”, this is very annoying indeed.
Oh, and if you import something that is routed to a bus, but the buss is not there in your current project, it’s not going to work, and it will revert to the master bus or “no buss”
You must also import the buss from the original file, pre-create it in your current project with exact the same name, or include it in your export.
Colours I’m not sure, never used that.

Hi, jb1 - sorry for the late reply! I was on vacation and not in reach of my setup. I am in fact using track archives but opposite to what Mr Silvestri gets I can only export/import the actual midi tracks and and not any folders or output channels.
I just checked the screenshot again and it seems that he uses VE-Pro as a track instrument and not as a rack instrument.

Did you ever work out how this was done? Anyone tried this with Cubase 13?