How to prevent executing scirpt in the midi module slot on load?

I’m mapping my program via a script and I left it in one of midi module slots, when saving and closing the program. Now as I open it the mapping script executes again giving me a mess. Is there any way I can block/delete it from the midi module slot before it launches again?

If you used external editor and the midi module depends on external lua file I would temporarily move the script file so Halion doesn’t find it. Or comment out the whole script in external editor.

Other option you can try is a bit experimental. You can try to remove the script module with a script.

Create new empty program with a script module. Try this:

path = "D:/Desktop/Test 1.vstpreset"
program = loadPreset(path)
mm = program:findMidiModules(true, "Lua Script")[1]
if mm then
    print(, " Removed")
    savePreset(path, program)

Adjust the path and name of the script module you want to remove.
If it works check and re-save your program.