How to print legs from a surround output?

I have created these tracks “at the bottom” of my template project on which I’d like to print my main outputs.
That means: I’d like to record the main outputs of my template project.

I have a 5.1 main mix in my template project, as well as a stereo main mix, as well as a mono main mix.

On my 5.1 “print”-tracks I can select the 5.1-main output as a recording source, but on my mono “print”-tracks I can’t select the 6 -mono- legs from that 5.1-main mix. They simply don’t show up in the sources list.
The same counts for the legs of the stereo main mix.
Of course I created all the legs of all these multi-bus outputs in my “outputs”-setup.

So, my question:
is it actually possible to have the individual (mono) legs from a multi-bus output show up at the source-list for a track?
I can confirm that it’s possible to have the multi-bus-output itself (5.1 or stereo) to show up at the source-list for a track.

Or am I doing something wrong?
Niek/ Amsterdam.

No it is not possible.
If you really want to of course you can but it is a silly workaround (send signal to intermediate group channels, mute the unwanted signal and then send each now separated mono leg to each mono out).

Or you can of course re-record as interleaved and then split.
Personally I haven’t used physical re-recording in many years. I never have issues with exports (knock on wood).

Yes both of the above a workarounds for something that really should be possible

Thanks Erik,
Quite a “relief” to read that it’s not possible, now I can stop my search for a solution.

And yes: I use the “Export Mixdown and split files”-workflow most of the time too, but when I export my 9 stems and 3 main mixes it’s a very long process…that’s why I wanted to have a quicker , real-time solution…

Thanks, Niek.

If I understand what you want, just export interleaved files and, after, use Sound Devices Wave Agent (Split/Combine function) to split into multi-mono.

Thanks Kewi,
I’m using the “Export Mixdown and split files”-workflow quite a lot from within Nuendo itself, but as stated above it takes a very long time to export my 9 stems and 3 main mixes. That’s why I’m sometimes exporting them inside Nuendo by printing them realtime, although it turned out that it’s not possible to record the individual legs of a bus…

Thanks anyway.
Niek/ Amsterdam.