How to print score in special PDF paper size?

IN order to be used in a tablet HP Chromebook with 31 x 17 cm screen I need to be able to print to PDF to this 31x17 cm sizing. I have created a customized formulary in the PRINT TO PDF print server called MY TABLET SIZE and it appears now in the list of available sizes in Windows BUT when I try to select any of these non standard sizes in PAGE SETUP befor printing in CUBASE, none of this special sizes appears on the available sizes list.
How can I enabled this additional sizes to print to additional PDF sizes? Any help is apreciatted.
Sorry for my basic english. Thanks in advance.

The printer needs to be selected in File>Print first for its corresponding page sizes to be listed in “Page Setup…” .

Try this:

  1. Select “Microsoft Print to PDF” printer in Cubase menu File>Print
  2. Click Print
  3. Close the “Save Print Output As” window that pops up
  4. Now go to “Page Setup…” and select the custom page size you previously created in Windows

Hello, thanks for the reply but this does not answer my problem.
I have a HP laptop with 16/9 screen and I use it to display the sheet music that I prepare myself with Dorico and Cubase.
The problem is that when selecting the paper size to print to PDF only a few sizes appears but not the SPECIAL ONE that I need to fill the 16/9 screen.

As you can see in the attached image, there is a big space to the left and right that can be used for music. ANY SOLUTION for this? I need a print size of for example 31 x17 centimeters. Thanks in advance. I hope you understand what I mean. THANKS: