How to process all of file instead of region with plugin?

I’m applying noise reduction to a region (there is still audio to the left and right if I pull the handles out). But when I select some regions and apply a plugin to them, only the section of audio that shows in the region is effected. When I pull the handles right and left, those sections are not noise reduced. Is there a way to apply it to the entire audio clip and not just the region?

If not, is there a quick command or macro that would let me pull the handles all the way to the left and right so when I apply a plugin, the entire clip is effected?

All you can do is select the range that needs to be noice-reduced (in the sample editor), regardless of the individual regions and process that whole part.

Handles seems like a good idea, but it would never work properly.
Say that most regions are 2 seconds apart, and a few are only half a second apart.
How would you define your handles?


Well, the scene cuts from one pov to another, using two different mics, that require two different noise reduction fingerprints.

To cut in/out from one to the other is too noticeable so I was thinking of doing a small fade (maybe one second) before each cut. So, I move all the regions from one microphone to one track and the other microphone to another track. Now I can just select all the events in the track and apply the noise reduction. However, since the only the region that is showing gets effected, I can’t do the one second fade because the one second before/after the region is not noise reduced.

I was just trying to think of a faster way than to: select all events, pull out Left handles one extra second, pull out Right handles one extra second, apply noise reduction. Any ideas?

Why don’t you just process the complete file? Regardless of teh regions.


I received an OMF. I would like to process the complete file, but when I select the audio clips and process them, only the region that shows is processed. I have to drag the handles left and right, process the entire file, then drag the handles back to the scene edit points. Is there a setting in the preferences that processes it the entire file instead of just the region showing?

This isn’t always desirable, unless I’m missing something here.

Let’s say you have an interview in an empty bar. There’s a refrigerator, an A/C, a freezer, and some other stuff. Things come on and off at different times according to temperature. Come to think of it, just moving the mic will probably suffice.

After the video editor has cut the scene there may be sections of the same clip with different noise profiles. Applying the same processing to the whole file will possibly make other events referring to the same clip sound weird.

I suppose an editor that consolidates each clip with handles would (?) create separate clips for each event, even if the source recording (file) was the same in the NLE…(?)

From the manual:

Audio processing
You apply processing by making a selection and selecting a function from the Process submenu of the Audio menu. Processing is applied according to the following rules:
•When events are selected in the Project window or the Audio Part Editor, the processing will be applied to these events only.
Processing will only affect the clip sections that are referenced by the events.
•When an audio clip is selected in the Pool, the processing will be applied to the whole clip.
•When you have made a selection range, the processing will be applied to this range only.
Other sections of the clip are not affected.

If you attempt to process an event that is a shared copy (i. e. the event refers to a clip that is used by other events in the project), you are asked whether you want to create a new version of the clip.

Select “New Version” if you want the processing to affect the selected event only. Select
“Continue” if you want the processing to affect all shared copies.

(page 347)

If you activate “Please, don’t ask again”, any further processing you do will conform to the selected method (“Continue” or “New Version”). You can change this setting at any time by using the “On Processing Shared Clips” pop-up menu in the Preferences dialog (Editing–Audio page). Also, “Create New Version” will now be displayed as an option in the dialog for the processing function.

Thanks Lydiot.

•When an audio clip is selected in the Pool, the processing will be applied to the whole clip.

This will indeed do it. I was hoping to do it from the project window, but this works.

perhaps there’s a way to macro most of it?

'Sample Editor guys, Sample Editor …


Reading this I would just extend the process range by, let’s say, 2000ms. That would be more than enough for a fade. I do this all the time. Works great.

Within the plugin hit the button that says “more” and extend the process range. Hope this helps.


A quote from the manual?

Within the plugin hit the button that says “more” and extend the process range.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Didn’t even realize it was there. Thanks a lot :smiley:

You’re welcome :wink: